Food Production

Craters and Decraters

The machines are incorporated in bottling lines for beverages and other liquids. The decrater is intended to unload the bottles from the crates on the conveying belt of the line. The crater loads filled, capped and labelled bottles into the crates or cartons. Using various versions and arrangement of the gripping heads, it is possible to load/unload wide range of bottles with various quantities and arrangement of bottles in the crate or carton.

All types of craters and decraters incorporate the built-in conveyer for supplying and carrying-off the crates and the switchboard with the control unit and frequency converter for output control. The types of machines built cover an output ranging from 300 to 3000 crates per hour. Electrical energy and air are used to drive these machines.

Washers and Conveyers

The crate washers are mainly used in bottling lines to clean the crates before being loaded with filled bottles. The washers are made in stainless version with turning the crates in front of and behind the machine. Washing process consists in spraying the crate with washing solution under high pressure.

Circulation of washing medium is closed, baths are heated with electrical energy or steam. Drive of the built-in crate conveyer is regulated using the frequency converter. In this way it is possible to ensure requested speed of the crates passing through the washer and consequently the output corresponding to the output of the whole line.

The crate conveyers connect individual machines in the bottling line. Speed of individual sections can be controlled centrally in dependence on the output of the whole line. Stainless plate chain or plastic link chain can be used as a pull element. Driven or gravity rollers can also be used as a variant.

Buttermaking Machines

The continuous buttermaking machines are used to make butter from raw cow˘s milk continuously. On one side, the machine is supplied with cream having appropriate fat content, temperature and sourness and on the other side kneaded, cooled butter having appropriate water content leaves the machine.

Butter can further be transported through the piping with help of the DMC 2 butter conveying device for further processing. During kneading, some additives can be added to butter. The types of machines built cover an output ranging from 800 to 2750 kg of butter per hour.

Industrial Centrifuges

The CHC 61A industrial centrifuge is the main representative of these products. It is made in various versions, with various methods of heating the cover or casing. It is mainly used in galvanic workshops to centrifuge excess bath after completion of the process.





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