Quality policy

Company B e H o spol. s.r.o. is a purely Czech company based in the region, in which it operates. Our reputation is supported by many years of work to build an organization based on honest and serious negotiations with customers. We provide quality services and products.

Customer satisfaction is always our priority.

Quality Management Systems (QMS) form an integrated system management. Leadership organization maintains and continuously improves the efficiency of the integrated management system, particularly through set goals, target values, programs and control mechanisms. Good technical equipment, established system of work and qualified personnel to ensure the quality of the delivered machines and products.

Error-free processes are guaranteed by the ISO 9001certification .

The main objectives of the quality management system

  • Fulfillment of requirements and needs of our customers is a fundamental objective of the organization. We offer impeccable customer service and products. It is a never ending process, which develops due to the constantly increasing demands of customers.
  • Services and work are provided to customers in the highest quality; customers meet with a versatile willingness and using the organization's staff. We know requirements and desires of our customers and we can flexibly respond to their individual needs. We strive to deepen our mutual relations in partnership.
  • The effort to respond flexibly to market developments and rapid adaptation to emerging demands in the area of services and products strengthen our competitiveness.
  • Basic rules of workers' organizations are a positive attitude, polite behavior and conduct even outside the workplace, high professionalism and expertise, reliability and respectability.
  • Organization creates favorable working conditions for own workers; employees help each other and strengthen the team of method of fulfilling their responsibilities; employment in the organization is prestigious for workers.
  • Processes and activities are made to prevent damage caused to property and health of employees. Employees are properly acquainted with the activities that they perform, we provide regular training OSH. This eliminates the threat of emergencies.