The establishment of small metal workshop laid the foundation for the establishment of the factory. Coffee grinders first produced here, later knives into sugar cutters. The workshop began to expand and change at the factory. It started production of filter presses to sugar mills. Custom Foundry was first housed in the building distillery in nearby Krucemburk.


The company was moved to Staré Ransko. High-quality production spread good reputation of the company and the company grew. The focus of production gradually switched device for canneries, distilleries, food industry, petroleum refineries and oil.

1939 - 1945

During the Second World War takes place in the race armaments production under German supervision. For the Army's needs were supplied cartridges, weapon antiaircraft artillery and artillery shells.


The company is nationalized and placed under pod n. p. První brněnská and královopolská strojírna Brno.


The company was incorporated into company's metalworking factories Chotěboř focusing on the food industry.


It started production of the first continuous butter making machines and semi-automatic loaders and unloaders of bottles for breweries and mineral water bottling plant.


After the privatization of the factory acquires company B e H o spol. s.r.o., which is engaged in the development and production of continuous butter making machines and butter silos, production of beverage equipment, equipment of stainless steel for food processing plants and custom production engineering.


Commencement of research and development of a new “KZ1” (continuous butter-making machine producing 1000 kg/hour).


Manufacturing of a prototype of the KZ1 butter-making machine for testing and measurements; successful testing by a state testing facility and approval of a utility model.


Commencement and completion of reconstruction of the south-eastern part of the manufacturing premises. Thermal-technical characteristics of 4 manufacturing and storage halls and 1 office building of the company were improved.


Complete reconstruction of the remaining buildings in the north-west of the premises was started and completed. Construction of an industrial research, development and innovation centre, a training centre, new office spaces and catering facilities for company employees.

The field of manufacturing of beverage equipment and stainless steel equipment for food processing is still being improved and innovated. The research and development of higher-performance butter-making machines with an efficient cooling system for warm climates and top-performance butter-making machines (up to 6000 kg/hour) have been launched. All the manufactured and newly developed equipment represents modern machines that meet high requirements of the clients.

The area of custom engineering manufacturing has also been developed. The company offers a wide range of products made of a variety of materials and it uses many manufacturing technologies. These are components for the automotive industry, welded structures (steel, stainless-steel) and products according to the requirements and needs of the clients.