Butter silo and butter transport

For completation butterhouse when using any type continuous butter making machine recommends the use of butter manufactured by our butter silo and butter transport ZDM 1-4. Butter silo and butter transport is connected to a connecting by pipeline to the mouth of butter making machines and serves as a reservoir of butter and butter transporting equipment to packaging equipment of butter.

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Characteristics of butter silo and butter transport

  • In a stainless steel container for butter is stored screw conveyors and butter move to the mouth transport butter. The screws are driven by an screw gear housing with an electric motor. At the mouth of the device is connected butters pump that sucks and pushes butter from the reservoir to the package.
  • Gearbox screw conveyors and its speed is controlled by a frequency converter. The frequency inverter controls the speed of the pump butter and adjusts pump output so the maximum amount of butter 3.000 kg / hr.
  • The device has its own power and control panel can be connected to control of butter making machine.
  • The device is equipped with a safety relief valve, pipeline, pump and pneumatic valves for washing transport bitter.
  • The entire device for butter transport can be operated either independently or together with butter making machine.