Stainless steel processing

Stainless steel processing is an integral part of our production program.

The service life of stainless steel is very long and mainly depends on the choice of appropriate quality stainless steel according to the environment, in which it will be placed. The requirements for its maintenance are minimal. Working with stainless steel are among the demanding disciplines of metal and must adhere to rigid principles during processing:

  • stainless steel can not process where we work simultaneously with ordinary carbon steel. We defend contamination of the surface of stainless microscopic particles of carbon steel, to avoid disruption of the protective layer.
  • tools suitable for processing in conventional carbon steel not used to process stainless steel,
  • we pay attention to wire brushes, cutting and grinding wheels did not include inappropriate mix of abrasive,
  • in machining we put emphasis on clean details

We offer these processing stainless steel:

  • bending
  • drilling
  • welding
    TiG welding (arc welding with non-consumable electrode in inert gas)
    MiG welding (arc welding consumable electrode in inert gas)
  • riveting
  • screwing
  • grinding
  • polishing