Continuous butter making machine (CBMM)

To ensure the smooth production of butter from raw cow's milk using continuous butter making machines . Into the machine on the one side transports the cream of an appropriate fat content,
the temperature and acidity, and the other part protrudes kneaded, chilled butter with the appropriate water content. The equipment allows the production of flavored butters.

We offer proven series of continuous butter making machines of type KM and  ZKU and we established a new type of continuous butter making machine series KZ.                                                                                                                                    ( more info )


Technical description of the KZ butter-making machines

  • We supply butter-making machines producing 400-6000 kg of beaten butter per hour. The nominal output of the individual machines depends on the fatness of the cream being processed.
  • All the supplied machines are equipped with a touch-screen control panel where production / sanitation parameters are displayed. The Siemens “Simatic 1500” control system enables automatic sanitation, disinfection and semi-automatic butter-production operations.
  • The water content in butter is displayed on the screen and the dosage of water to a desired value is semi-automatic, depending on the operators of butter-making machines. The dosed water is disinfected.
  • A closed butter-production system, buttermilk drainage and sanitation have a decisive influence on the shelf life of butter and the yield of butter production. At the same time, it contributes positively to environmental protection and waste reduction.
  • Supply may also include a device for reducing air content in butter.