Continuous butter making machine (CBMM)

To ensure the smooth production of butter from raw cow's milk using continuous butter making machines . Into the machine on the one side transports the cream of an appropriate fat content,
the temperature and acidity, and the other part protrudes kneaded, chilled butter with the appropriate water content. The equipment allows the production of flavored butters.

We offer proven series of continuous butter making machines of type KM and  ZKU and we established a new type of continuous butter making machine series KZ.

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Properties of Continuous Butter Making Machine

  • The automatic dosing of water into butter allows you to view the current status of water in the butter on the control panel and automatic correction of the desired water content of butter.*
  • The new complete electrical installation including the control touch panel records the entire production process control parameters including produced butter, ie. monitors the water content, fat and air in the butter, shows the settings of the flow path of cream and allows automatic adjustment of pneumatic valves for churning and washing Butter-making.
  • The equipment can be controlled by a computer connected to a central control room.
  • The synergistic effect of butter on the new machines is a definite contribution to protecting the environment by reducing waste generation.

*Valid only at constant values cream.

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