Loaders and unloaders of bottles

Machines are part of the equipment bottles lines for bottling beverages and other liquids into bottles. Unloader is determined for unloading bottles from crates to conveyor belt lines. Loader inserts filled, sealed and labeling bottles into crates or cartons.

We offer mechanical and fully automatic loaders and unloaders of bottles. They are the type series:

  • mechanical loader and unloader of bottles MECHANIK 1, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A

  • fully automatic loader and unloader of bottles CHOMA 1, CHOMA 2, CHOMA 4

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The Development activity have in recent years led to the introduction of several innovative solutions that increase the effectiveness and properties of the entire device. Within the comprehensive development were upgraded series ME-3, 4-ME, ME-5 manipulators of bottles. Newly these machines contain solutions for the control system, the compact gearbox actuator table and conveyor crates, stop bars and movable frame variability of inserting deo crates and cartons.

We have significantly reduced the preparation time machine in the transition to a different kind of bottles, reduced noise and energy intensity operation of equipment.